Display Racks

Wall Mounted Racks

Our wide range of wall mounted racks are fully customised as per your needs to give your store unique, flexible and modern look. With the highest load-bearing capacity and european design standards, our display racks help you to make the best use of wall and floor space and earn higher profits per square foot.

We put our products through a series of material spillage and strength tests to ensure long lasting durability. Certified by independent labs, our shelves and racks meet the highest quality and durability standards.

  • Highest weight bearing capacity
  • More storage in limited space
  • High durability and anti-corrosive
  • Easy to adjust and modify layouts
  • Customised as per your store

Floor Stand Alone Racks

Our floor stand alone racks are the best way to use racks without disturbing your wall that is no drilling on your wall and these racks help you to maximize space utilisation and are used with back panels and metal shelving. The modular panels from Harihar help you create the perfect display wall with ultimate ease of installation and versatile designs.

  • Variety of plain and perforated back panels for hanging purpose
  • Effective space utilisation
  • Easy to adjust and make changes
  • Configured for various load capacities
  • With base support for extra support at bottom

Gondola And Endcap Racks

We offer gondola racks in various configurations for better visibility and maximum exposure of products. Gondola racks and shelves are specially designed to have optimum load-bearing capacity and offer space to display a variety of products.

  • Gondola racks are used to utilise center space
  • Endcap racks are used to attracts offer products
  • Best way to use center space

Extra Accessories

Carefully designed accessories like counter, floor dumper, stackable bins, round and square pop racks, hanging grid, wall hanging racks and hooks help you create stylish and eye-catching displays. They can be installed throughout the store for a variety of looks and are great for displaying items of varying sizes and shapes together. The accessories adapt to suit the characteristics of each item, without interfering with the overall display clarity.

  • Easily display all types of merchandise
  • Sturdy fittings adapt to any existing products
  • Works well with convenience stores that offer a variety of products
  • Mainly used to utilised unused space