Storage Racks

Slotted Angle Racks

These racks are simple racks with four pillars and shelves which are assembled with nuts and bolts. We manufacture and supply slotted angle racks of various dimensions and sizes as per the requirement of the client depending upon the weight which would be kept on it.

We offer facility of holes in such a way that panel of any size can be fitted and accordingly load can be managed.

Heavy and Medium Duty Industries Racks

Our storage racks are not only known for being tough and sturdy, but they are also flexible, allow shelves to adjust, interchange and connect quickly to make room for extra storage. This helps to decant, relocate and store the product from original storage units and to new storage units.

  • High-grade materials make shelves tough and durable
  • Special powder coating makes shelves corrosion resistant
  • Easy to adjust, interchange and add new layers for extra storage